Is Your MacBook Pro Running Slower Than Usual? Here Are A Few Tips To Improve Performance

Tips To Improve MAC PerformanceAre you seeing the spinning beach ball more often than you would like to? It could be because you have too many applications loaded on your Mac, and they are eating up space on your hard disk. Here is a simple way to check if your MacBook is running more applications than it can take. Before you begin any maintenance activity, it is a good idea to take a back up of your data.

Once you have taken a back up, the first place to check is your startup. Sometimes, too many applications load during startup that the OS (operating system) may struggle to run the applications. You can check the applications that load during startup in your System Preferences-> Users & Groups. Click on the login tab and see the list of applications that load when your Mac boots up. Uncheck the apps that you do not require during startup. This simple solution can speed up mac considerably. While you are multi-tasking among different applications, if your MacBook fails to respond quickly, you can check the Activity Monitor. You can find those applications that are hogging your CPU and memory resources. It is a good idea to look for alternative light weight applications in the market that can do the same job.  Replacing your apps that take up lots of memory with light weight apps can speed up your system significantly.

The most important of all is to clean up your hard drive to speed up your Mac. If you have been using your Mac for a while now, then there is definitely going to be a lot of data that you don’t need any longer. There is a built-in Disk Utility Program that will repair issues in your system. There are also a number of free apps available on the internet that will ease the process of disk cleanup. Large volumes of data are generally stored in iTunes and iPhoto apps. In order to reclaim some of your hard disk capacity, it is essential to take a back up of old photos to external hard drives.

However, the best way to speed up the performance of your Mac is to install an additional RAM.  Installing a RAM is a simple process and it could enhance the speed of your MacBook tremendously. With additional RAM, you can continue to have the applications you like and still enjoy optimum speed.  If you are a heavy user who has many heavy weight applications running simultaneously, then an additional memory to your system is the best way to combat low performance speeds.